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Unique Website Gives Complete, Concise South Carolina Legislative Information

South Carolina Votes gives users instant access to concise, plain language and objective descriptions of every single bill, amendment, and vote that takes place in the South Carolina legislature. Unlike any other bill tracking utility, South Carolina Votes, is unique because all legislative actions are described - not just those selected by a particular interest group. It is searchable by legislator, keyword, and 50 subject categories, so users can create their own custom "voting record guide."

South Carolina Votes has all these features:

South Carolina Votes also provides citizens with an on-line forum where they can exchange views with others about specific bills or other South Carolina public policy or political issues. A “point of view neutral” blog invites users to post comments on topical issues of the day. Specialized wikis concentrate the dispersed knowledge of many users to create even greater transparency regarding individual legislators, South Carolina judges, local units of government and school districts. Finally, a blog aggregator displays the latest posts from South Carolina’s leading political and public policy blogs, right, left and center.

South Carolina Votes is a free public service of the South Carolina Policy Council, an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit research and educational institution. Its purpose is to inform citizens, community leaders, business people, media, and public officials about legislation that affects their families, schools, jobs and communities. The site empowers citizens to take a more active part in the democratic process, and hold their elected representatives accountable.


Privacy Policy

SouthCarolinaVotes does not release (nor has it ever released) to third parties any personal identifying information of past or current website visitors, including registered users, without express permission, except as required by law.


About South descriptions: The descriptions on this site are assembled by the editor from a variety of sources. Bill sponsors, legislative analysts, and policy specialists from the South Carolina Policy Council and from many other organizations are often consulted to provide background and context for particular bills or votes. Many descriptions contain verbatim passages from bill analyses created by non-partisan legislative staff, and other non-copyrighted public sources.


Attention Organizations and Newsletters: Permission is hereby granted to reprint the above as an informative article in your own newsletter or other means of distribution. For additional information about South please call the description editor at the South Carolina Policy Council, 803-779-5022.